Remortgage installment loan in two options

Replace the installment loan: you have two options. The rescheduling requires lenders and borrowers to agree; a formal loan termination is usually not required.

Debt rescheduling generally has a positive effect on your credit rating, as banks appreciate that you have rescheduled your loans rather than simply taking out a new installment loan.

The question of whether rescheduling makes sense depends on various factors. The conversion of installment loans into debt and the balance of current short-term loans can hardly afford cheaper interest rates.

Installment credit comparison – fulfillment of your needs


What do you need a loan for? Credit Score entries? recommend some good offers. My last question: Do you prefer to repay the loan quickly or slowly? The fact that installment credit has made a real triumph among credit types in recent decades is also due to the fact that it can be used in the private sector for almost any purpose.

Whether you want to pay a holiday trip or a new car with a loan, the installment loan is the appropriate instrument. For example, in the synopsis, the following expenses are funded by a large number of consumers each day through an installment loan: Installment credit is ideal for all these and many other purposes and is now provided by almost every principal in the finance sector.

The lender usually makes no demands on the possibility of using the installment loan. Only then, when it comes to special variations of the installment loan, it may happen that a condition for the intended purpose is fulfilled.

The installment loan is a loan that is mainly used by private individuals and can be used in a variety of ways.

Installment credit 

Installment credit 

The installment credit can be used from car finance to vacation financing for almost any purpose. What installment loans are there? The installment loan is very popular, so it is now offered by more and more banks but also in special designs.

As a rule, it is the case with these variations that the installment credit can then be characterized by special features, can be used for special purposes or can only be made accessible to certain customer groups.

It will be easier for you to understand what that means when we give you below a list of the now available alternatives of installment credit: first the first semester of the list, the recognition for interns. This is also an installment loan, but it is limited in that it can only be used by people in training.

As a rule, credit institutions issuing such a loan contract for interns offer particularly favorable conditions. Similar is the student loan, because here too it is an installment loan, which is exclusively awarded to a special customer group, the students. In this case, you can only spend the installment loan to finance the purchase of a new or used car.

In the meantime, more and more banks are offering certain types of installment loans. They are either for certain communities of people, such as trainees, usable, or the installment loan is characterized in that it is fixed in purpose, as is the case for example in the car loan.

How does an installment loan run? Now that you know that the installment loan is extremely versatile and there are now special credit options, you may wonder how the installment loan works in principle.

First of all, it should be noted that the term installment loan already says a lot about how it works. Once this is done, the house bank indicates the interest at which the loan is granted.

This rate includes both the contractually agreed interest rates and the repayment of the loan. It is, therefore, striking that the monthly loan installment of interest and capital and the installment credit is repaid until the credit balance is zero.

No repayment settlement for installment loans in the interest calculation

No repayment settlement for installment loans in the interest calculation

There is no repayment settlement for installment loans in the interest calculation. This is certainly one of the few negative aspects because that means that the borrower constantly pays the original loan amount.

If z. If, for example, the loan debt has already been reduced by half after two years, the interest payments on the original loan amount still have to be made, since at the conclusion of the contract an sgn. An interesting forecast is carried out.

The installment loan, however, often offsets this deficit by providing a relatively cheap loan facility. The installment loan is best not only as a new financing loan for private consumption but also if you want to reschedule your debts.

In this case, the installment loan can be the best way to balance the debit balance on the current account and to open an account instead.

In such a scenario, it is recommended to use the installment loan to reschedule the overdraft facility with its assistance. The installment loan business is arguably the most popular consumer loan in the country, so it’s a good idea to get an overall view of the many options available. For this, it is definitely advisable to carry out a ratio-loan comparison.

For you, we create an adjustment for different types of loans, of course, for the installment loan. In addition, one benefits in particular from the fact that the adjustment of credit-based interest rates is no obstacle for us as well. Do installment loans exist without them? In any case, in Germany, you will notice that very few credit institutions are willing to talk to you about taking out a loan.

Get a loan even in the case of a negative credit rating

Get a loan even in the case of a negative credit rating

In principle, however, it is possible to get a loan even in the case of a negative credit rating. For years now, there have been special providers that specifically grant installment loans to customers in the event of a negative Credit Bureau entry. However, you must first look for such service providers, so we advise you to use our service at these points.

In addition to making comparisons for express loans, car loans, and classic installment loans, we have focused with our partners to seek advantageous loans without the intermediation of the Federal Labor Office (Credit Score).

Any such loan without the intervention of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority is always a loan anyway so that you have the opportunity in our individual and single comparison to obtaining the desired installment credit in the event of a negative entry from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Credit Score).

The installment loan is probably the most flexible loan offer for private clients. The lending business is characterized by numerous advantages, such as favorable interest rates and above all its universal application possibilities.

Even a negative Credit Score entry is not a major obstacle, because we can offer you, for example, a loan comparison without Credit Score, so you continue to find a favorable installment loan with a positive Credit Score entry.

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