Is credit available for inherited home?

After the relatives of the people who lost their lives, there is a relationship covering all rights and debts among the people who have left any property. Heirs may sometimes wish to take advantage of housing loans, a type of long-term, low-interest loan.

So, Is the loan used for the inherited house? Meden before we give you the answer, we want to make a step-by-step introduction to the topic.

What is Heritage?

What is Heritage?

In order to better understand the answer to the question of whether the inherited house can be taken with credit, we must first have an idea of ​​what the heritage is. Inheritance represents the goods, debts and rights that any person has left to his heirs after his death.

All or part of the inheritance can be left to a single person in the will. If the heir is only one person, the goods, debts and rights of the muris remain to him.

The heirs are legally divided into two, the first of which is the legal heirs. The other heir is the appointed heirs. Legal heirs make up; mother, father, children, grandchildren, husband or wife, siblings and grandparents known as the upper clan, grandparents and their successors.

The appointed heir is the heirs appointed by the muris before his death. The designated heir may make use of part or all of the heritage.

How is Heritage divided?

How is Heritage divided?

As we mentioned before, there are two types of heirs: legal and appointed heirs. Those who are appointed by the will and legal heirs will be blood ties and legally appointed heirs.

In case of the death of the inheritor, if there is no heir assigned, the inheritance left before the spouse and the spouse’s death shall be divided equally among the brothers. If the inheritor’s children have died before him, the right of the deceased child is passed on to their children. In other words, the grandchildren will be entitled to inheritance.

The legacies of the descendants without inheritance are passed to their parents. The parents share the legacy of the inherited child equally.

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Can a housing loan be used for the inherited house?

Can a housing loan be used for the inherited house?

Housing loan is a type of loan that is commonly used by people who want to buy a house. However, if a house passes over you by inheritance, the situation varies.

Now let’s come to the answer to the real question; It is unfortunately not possible to use mortgage loans for the remaining parts of the owned house, albeit in part by inheritance. If you ask why, banks mortgage the house from the use of mortgage loans. If the house is inherited, the mortgage will not be approved by the bank as the bank will not be able to mortgage part of the house.

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